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The Jackson Family’s MR340 Adventures

Presentation by paddlers Claire and Stephen Jackson

Join the Jackson family as Claire and Steve Jackson share their adventures on the MR340, an endurance paddle race that spans the state of Missouri.

Time and Place

Tuesday, April 12, 2022
7:00 pm

Les Bourgeois Vineyards Bistro
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Presentation by paddlers Claire and Stephen Jackson

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

The Bistro Restaurant is closed on Tuesdays, but the bar will be open. You ARE welcome to come early, bring some food and gather with friends before the presentation. Speaker Series attendees are welcome after 6:00 p.m.

Hosted by Missouri River Relief 

Join the Jackson Family as they share their adventures on the MR340, an endurance paddling race that spans the state of Missouri. They will be sharing what they have learned from paddling as a family throughout four (going on five) MR340 races.

Attendees will hear from father/daughter duo Steve and Claire Jackson. Claire will share her perspective of what it was like as a young person paddling during her first MR340. She will share stories about the people and experiences that have drawn her to race three more times. She will also compare and contrast completing the MR340 in tandem versus going solo. Though all of her adventures, Claire has learned how to navigate outdoor spaces as a woman. Since paddling in the MR340 Claire has gone on to complete several other solo ventures such as biking the entirety of the Katy Trail. She is sure to inspire those of you who might not feel that they are fast enough, strong enough or fearless enough to embark on grand adventures like the MR340.

Steve will share the process of developing and self-publishing their first family book called “Missouri River 340 First Time Finisher”. This book documents Steve and his three daughters’ participation in the 2012 MR340. Competing in the longest non-stop canoe and kayak race in the world, their team, the “Three Boatacious Blondes and Dad” completed this brutally hot race in just over 77 hours. The book is based on their experiences in this race and provides information for other MR340 first-time paddlers.

Claire Jackson is from St. Louis, Missouri, and graduated from Xavier University with a degree in Sustainable Agriculture in 2021. After college, she began working for the Department of Natural Resources in Missouri State Parks. She has completed the MR340 three times and hopes to do so again this coming summer.


Stephen Jackson is a parent, company man, elected official, marathoner, business owner, paddler, manager, board member, coach, ground crew and adventurer. He’s been lucky enough to have a lifetime of high adventures on land and water. He and his wife Linda are now attempting to keep up with their children Rob, Ellen, Christine and Claire as they have adventures of their own.





  • 14020 W. Hwy BB, Rocheport, MO
  • Take I-70 to the Rocheport, MO, exit (Exit #115). It’s the first exit east of the Missouri River.
  • Head north toward Rocheport.
  • After about a mile, turn left at the sign for Les Bourgeois Bistro. Follow the signs to the Bistro. You will probably need to park in the lot above the Bistro and walk the trail down.
  • The presentations are held in upstairs in the restaurant. The restaurant is no longer open on Tuesdays but the bar is! You are welcome to bring your own food or snacks.

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Special thanks to Les Bourgeois Vineyards for giving us the opportunity to use their beautiful space overlooking the Missouri River. All speakers are presenting for free! Thank you all for sharing your knowledge with us!

The Big Muddy Speaker Series also takes place in Kansas City and St. Charles.

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