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Eternal Rivers of Impermanence

Presentation by David Lobbig, Curator of Environmental Life at the Missouri History Museum

David Lobbig will use stories and artifacts collected for the upcoming “The Mighty Mississippi” exhibit at the Missouri History Museum to explore changes affecting the Missouri and Mississippi confluence region since European and United States’ colonization.

Sturgeon and River Ice

This Mississippian era bowl depicting a sturgeon covers a postcard showing the frozen Mississippi River in the St. Louis area. Two artifacts featured in "The Mighty Mississippi" exhibit opening at the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis.

Time and Place

Wednesday, November 6, 2019
7:00 pm

Big A's on the Riverfront
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Presentation by David Lobbig, Missouri History Museum

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

6. p.m. Social Hour at Big A’s on the Riverfront
7:00 p.m. Presentation

At Big A’s on the Riverfront (in the back room)
308 N Main St. –  St Charles, MO
(directions below)

NOTE – This month’s presentation is the FIRST WEDNESDAY of the month (not the second Wednesday as usual). There will be no presentation in December. 

Presentation is FREE and open to the public! 

Hosted by Greenway Network

The Missouri History Museum in St. Louis Forest Park will be opening a longterm exhibit beginning Nov. 21 called “The Mighty Mississippi”, exploring the impact of the Mississippi River on the town that is perched at the confluence of our nation’s two greatest rivers, and the impact of this urban area on the rivers that embrace it.

David Lobbig, the Missouri Historical Society’s Curator of Environmental Life, will build on artifacts and maps seen in “The Mighty Mississippi” to discuss changes affecting the Missouri and Mississippi confluence region since European and United States’ colonization. He’ll explore biodiversity loss and the prospects for greater change caused by human population dominance and the climate crisis.

The Mighty Mississippi exhibit will be broken up into 4 sections: Lifeblood of the Heartland (explores water quality issues, biodiversity, human manipulation of river and floodplain), First Peoples World (explores prehistoric American Indian/Mississippian culture featuring real artifacts from the time period), Empires (explores colonialism and the fur trade), and Industry (explores the industrial era and the rise and fall of the steamboat era.

David Lobbig

David Lobbig, Curator of Environmental Life at Missouri History Museum

Our Presenter – David Lobbig, Curator of Environmental Life – Missouri History Museum – David’s work focuses on environmental history and natural resource use. The interaction between resource exploitation and the biotic community inform his mission to engage the public with a greater understanding of sustainability. Through exhibitions and artifacts, his work shares how historic and present-day decisions relate to dynamic environmental change.


To Big A’s on the Riverfront, our host for the Speaker Series.

To get there from I-70

  • Take I-70 to exit 229B – the 5th St. Exit
  • Merge onto 5th St. headed north toward St. Charles.
  • After about 1 mile, turn right on Monroe St.
  • Turn left onto N. Main St.
  • Big A’s will be on your right (308 N. Main St.) Additional parking is available in the rear.
  • View on Google Maps.

The Big Muddy Speakers Series in St. Charles

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All speakers are presenting for free and Big A’s is sharing the space for free! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us!

The Big Muddy Speaker Series also takes place monthly in Rocheport and Kansas City.

A special thank you to Greg Poleski of Greenway Network for making this happen!

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