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Up & Down the Big Muddy – A History of Paddling on the Missouri River

Presentation by Norm Miller, adventurer and host of Missouri River Paddlers

Norm Miller will share the stories of many Missouri River paddler expeditions through history.

Missouri River Breaks

Paddling through the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument. Photo courtesy of Norm Miller.

Time and Place

Tuesday, July 14, 2020
7:00 pm

Presentation by Norm Miller, expedition paddler and administrator for Missouri River Paddlers.

Hosted by Missouri River Relief on Zoom and live-streamed on YouTube.
Streaming sponsored by Rivermiles, the folks that bring you the MR340

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

  • 7 p.m. presentation
  • The presentation will be hosted on Zoom. You can register here. 
  • We will allow 120 to register, but only 100 will be allowed to connect for the presentation. By watching through Zoom, you will have the opportunity to ask questions.
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The Source

Norm Miller received this award from the Missouri River Paddlers group in 2015 at the first Missouri River Paddlers Rendezvous. “The Source – Norm Miller, our source for Inspiration, Knowledge, Community and the Missouri River Paddlers’ Lost & Found”

In 2004, Norm Miller put his obsession with the journey of Lewis and Clark into action by retracing their steps and paddle strokes across the country, up the Missouri River, across the continental divide and down the Columbia watershed to the Pacific Ocean. In a Kruger canoe. By himself. Yes, you read that right. He paddled UP the entire Missouri River.

In addition to his other head scratching adventures, Norm also created the Missouri River Paddlers Facebook Group. This started as a way to connect paddlers that had done long-distance expeditions on the Missouri River to each other and to people attempting new expeditions. This has grown into a family of people sharing stories and information from all over the world and now has a website to compile all this amazing information.

Being a history buff, Norm has also been researching and collecting stories of Missouri River paddling adventures going back hundreds of years. From the Mandans from today’s North Dakota, who crossed the river in buffalo hide & willow bull boats to fur traders moving up and down the river in dugout canoes to modern-day explorers who left little trace of their adventures except a few articles in small-town newspapers or self-published books, Norm has been compiling all the info he can find about these long distance adventures.

Norm will share some of the amazing and eye-opening stories he’s unearthed, and some of the remarkable humans that made it happen.

Norm Miller lives in Livingston, MT, where he runs a window cleaning company, hosts river travelers from all over the world, hosts the Missouri River Paddlers website and Facebook Group, collects history on Lewis and Clark and other river travelers and shares his passion with thousands.

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Norm Miller - Lake Oahe

Norm Miller on Lake Oahe on his 2004 expedition retracing the Corps of Discovery trail up the Missouri, then down the Columbia.

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