Behind the Lens: River-bottom Tales

Presentation by wildlife photographer Garrett Hise

Garrett Hise lead us through his most captivating wildlife encounters and the images they produced.

Published: March 12, 2024

Presentation by wildlife photographer Garrett Hise

Original presentation took place on March 12th, 2024 in Rocheport, MO

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Mid-Missouri wildlife photographer Garrett Hise shared the incredible story of his journey into wildlife photography, which began with him witnessing an incredible instance of wild animals exhibiting behaviors that aren’t necessary for survival, and in Garrett’s mind, could only come from them feeling an emotional bond to other animals.

Garrett has photographed a wide diversity of species in the Missouri river bottoms and shared some of his up close and personal encounters. He has been fortunate to photograph the increasing bald eagle population at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area. He shared his experience of capturing one bald eagle mating pair’s two-year journey to reach success. Bald eagles, as recently as 1963, were listed as endangered in 44 states. However, with successful conservation efforts, bald eagles are no longer listed as endangered in any state. They’ve gone from 417 nesting pairs to 80,000 in less than 60 years.

Garrett is a small business owner and father of four: 3 Sons and 1 Daughter. After a series of careers, 14 years ago he started a company that provides contract labor to a major mid-western telecommunications provider. He was born and raised in Mid-Missouri and has always been drawn to the wilderness: spending his time hiking, fishing, insect collecting. He has been doing wildlife photography for 7 years. Last year, he created an LLC for his photography and has found success selling prints. He plans to switch careers to wildlife photography by age 50 with a relocation to the diverse country of Costa Rica. His goal, beyond doing something he enjoys, is to aid in communicating the need for conservation.

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