Paddle MO – Because You Shouldn’t Paddle Less

Mary Culler dives deep into the history and purpose of the Paddle MO experience. Stunning sites, educational talks and great paddling company.

Published: April 11, 2023

Presentation by Mary Culler, Executive Director of Stream Teams United

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Hosted by Missouri River Relief

Mary Culler dove deep into the history and purpose of Stream Teams United’s Paddle MO experience. Paddle MO is a five-day, educational and recreational journey on the last 100 miles of the Missouri River, beginning at Hermann, MO, and ending a mile past the confluence with the Mississippi River. It provides a great opportunity for beginners and experts alike to get out and see a new side of the river.

Paddle MO KC Group at Kaw Point

In 2016, Stream Teams United, non-profit partners, and Missouri Stream Team volunteers launched the first Paddle MO expedition from Hermann to the Confluence. This year marks the organization’s 8th year of planning and hosting paddlers both new and old on Paddle MO.

During the presentation, Mary took a retrospective look at why and how Paddle MO was developed, shared stories from across the 8 years of adventuring on the River, and gave attendees a glimpse of what they might expect if they join a future Paddle MO program. She highlighted the team that makes this one-of-a-kind journey possible and discussed how the Paddle MO program has grown to include destinations across our Great Rivers State.

Mary Culler serves as the Director of Stream Teams United, a non-profit coalition of Missouri Stream Team Associations.  She has worked in the field of water resources for over 17 years, with most of her career focusing on the rivers, lakes, and streams of Missouri.  She received an M.S. in Environmental Science from Iowa State University where she researched highly altered stream systems.  Through her current efforts at Stream Teams United, Mary works at a statewide level to help promote and support the efforts of Missouri’s 22 Stream Team Associations and facilitate education, stewardship, and advocacy for Missouri’s waterways.

Stream Teams United

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