Discussion on Floodplain Development in the News

Discussion Led by David Stokes, Great Rivers Habitat Alliance

David Stokes will discuss the recent news of a floodplain TIF rejection last week, and other impending developments and habitat successes in the Confluence region.

Published: January 8, 2020

Maryland Heights Flooding
Photos of June flooding of Highway 141 at Creve Coeur Mill Road.

Hosted by Greenway Network

Earlier this January, the St. Louis County TIF Commission voted down a proposal by Maryland Heights to initiate a Tax Increment Financing proposal to raise funds for increased levee and pump protection in the Missouri River floodplain to encourage development. David Stokes, Executive Director of Great Rivers Habitat Alliance, was one of the opposition leaders, emphasizing that increasing floodplain development reduces floodplain storage, increases flood risks and pushes floodwaters onto other communities.

On January 8th, David joined Greenway Network to discuss this most recent news and other work that GRHA is doing to support sustainable floodplain uses and habitat and to fight floodplain development.

Great Rivers Habitat Alliance (GRHA) was founded in 2000 in order to directly combat the growing consumption of the 100-year Confluence Flood Plain through commercial development. Primarily comprised of St. Charles County flood plain land owners, GRHA tackles the policies permitting wholesale flood plain development and encourages thoughtful alternatives.

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