The People’s Expedition: Love Your Big Muddy

Published: March 12, 2014

Presentation by expedition paddler, Janet Moreland

This presentation was originally given on –

  • Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at Les Bourgeois Bistro in Rocheport (200 attendees – our largest ever)
  • And Wednesday, March 12, 2014 at Big A’s Restaurant in St. Charles. 

In April, 2013, Janet Moreland and her friend Norman Miller skied up to Brower’s Spring, the ultimate source of the Missouri River near the Continental Divide in Montana. From there, she biked 100 miles to Clark Canyon Dam, where she put in her kayak and paddled all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. She finished her journey on Dec. 5, passing through the container ship-filled Head of Passes in a soupy fog. She was the first American, and the first woman, to complete this “Source to Sea” trip. It is called the “Love Your Big Muddy Expedition”.

Every step of the way, she shared her thoughts, beautiful river photos and stories of new friends met on the riverbank through her Facebook page. The journey was a huge inspiration to the thousands who “followed” her online. In a world where rivers are political battlegrounds, her adventure was a bright beacon of cooperation and positivity. The expedition was mostly “crowdfunded”, supported by the people who followed her journey online and at boat ramps across the Great Plains, Midwest and the Delta. Janet referred to it as the “People’s Expedition”.

Janet shared some of her stories, videos, photos and inspiration from this historic adventure.

From her first day on the river to the last, American White Pelicans
were Janet’s companions on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.
photo courtesy of Janet Moreland.








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