The River is a Classroom – Leave no Child on Shore

Published: January 8, 2014

Presentation by teacher and river guide Mike Clark, Big Muddy Adventures

In these days of digital tablets, standardized testing and liability fears, a generation of children is growing up with a limited experience out in nature. There’s plenty of research showing that direct experience in nature reduces behavior problems, fosters learning and provides students with experiences they remember for a lifetime.

Mike Clark of Big Muddy Adventures has been hard at work finding ways both to get kids out on the river and to bring the river into the classroom. History, biology, ecology, engineering, language and art – you can find all subjects reflected in the waters of our regions rivers. Through expeditions electronically shared with classrooms of all ages to direct student excursions on the big rivers, Mike will share some of the ways he and his partners have worked to integrate learning into a deeper exploration of the rivers that tie us together.

river art

The Big Muddy Speakers Series in St. Charles

were hosted by these wonderful partners:

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