Water One’s Extreme Climate Challenges

Published: July 10, 2013

Original Presentation by Tom Schrempp, P.E., Director of Production for WaterOne

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

According to the Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources, over half of Missourians acquire their drinking water from the Missouri River. The Missouri River is widely regarded as an reliably high quality source of water. But we all know that the river isn’t always the most cooperative partner. Issues like drought, flooding, bed degradation and contamination all effect the reliability of our water supply.

Tom Schrempp, Director of Production for WaterOne, Johnson County’s water supply district, will share the process of turning the Big Muddy into tapwater, and how these river issues impact their ability to do that. Looking ahead, he’ll describe how the water supply industry is planning for impacts on water due to current and predicted climate changes.

Tom Schrempp

Mr. Schrempp has also served on Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee, representing “Water Supply” and working with other stakeholders to plot a path for Missouri River restoration. WaterOne, the water supply district for Johnson County, KS, receives its water from the Missouri and Kansas Rivers in addition to wells in the alluvial floodplain.

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