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Published: May 14, 2013

Original Presentation- May 14, 2013 – Big Muddy Speaker Series – Kansas City

“Location, Location, Location – How Missouri River geography shapes restoration and management options” –presentation by Robert Jacobson, PhD, Chief of River Studies Branch, US Geological Survey

Natural Areas River Trip 10-23-10The past two years of extreme flooding followed by extreme drought in the Missouri River basin highlights the difficulties in managing and restoring this massive river system. Every decision made in Missouri River management seems to have repercussions that affect other uses or stakeholders along the river.

The Missouri River basin ranges over 23 degrees of longitude and 12 degrees of latitude, and in its breadth it encompasses tremendous physiographic, climatic, ecologic, and socio-economic diversity from the snowpack of the Rockies to the arid plains of the Dakotas to the moist river hills of the Ozarks’ northern edge.

This diversity promotes challenges to restoration and management. One size of policy does not fit well in all parts of the river.

Robert Jacobson, PhD, chief of River Studies for the US Geological Survey,  provided an overview of the environmental geography of the Missouri River and an analysis of how the very location of the river effects restoration and management options along the mainstem from Montana to Missouri.

Dr. Jacobson has been a frequent contributor to the Big Muddy Speaker Series. His presentations always provide a deep and thorough look at the river from a data-based perspective. All who attended this presentation left with a lot to think about and solid base of knowledge from which to draw from.

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