“Paddle Strokes through History: A Big Muddy Adventure on the Lewis and Clark Water Trail”

Published: March 13, 2013

Original presentation by “Big Muddy” Mike Clark (no relation), Big Muddy Adventures

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

308 N Main St. –  St Charles, MO


Dipping your paddle in the Missouri River is a direct, visceral connection to the history of past explorers and inhabitants along the river. Highlighting this connection between the past and present, the Mo. Dept. of Natural Resources has created the Lewis and Clark Water Trail.

If you are looking for a guide to this experience, you could do no better than “Big Muddy” Mike Clark, the owner of professional river outfitter service Big Muddy Adventures. Mike has paddled the Missouri River upstream and down following the Lewis and Clark trail, reliving its history and sharing it with others.

Mike shared some of his experiences on this historical “highway”, including stories from the 2004 Corps of Discovery re-inactment, the Circumnavigation of St. Louis and his work guiding newbies and river pros alike on this magnificient waterway. He also shared Missouri River paddling tips as well as how to make a dugout canoe out of a massive cottonwood log.

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The Big Muddy Speakers Series in St. Charles

is hosted by Missouri River ReliefFriends of Big Muddy, Greenway Network, the Big Muddy National Fish & Wildlife Refuge and the Columbia Fish & Wildlife Conservation Office (USFWS) with the following list of partners. All speakers are presenting for free. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us!

The Big Muddy Speaker Series also takes place in Rocheport and Kansas City. Click here for the series homepage»

A special thank you to Greg Poleski of Greenway Network for making this happen!

Series Partners

Missouri River Relief
Friends of Big Muddy
Greenway Network
Columbia Fish & Wildlife Conservation Office (USFWS)
Big Muddy National Fish & Wildlife Refuge
Big A’s Restaurant

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