“Close Up on Clean Water”

Published: January 9, 2013

Original presentation by Kat Logan Smith, Executive Director of the Missouri Coalition for the Environment

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

308 N Main St. –  St Charles, MO

The 40 year-old Clean Water Act aims to protect the “physical, chemical, and biological” integrity of our nation’s waters so our creeks, rivers, and oceans can thrive. For four decades Missouri has left nearly 150,000 miles of waters with insufficient protections to safeguard their health. At the same time, our waters are under increasing pressures from development, agriculture, and climate stress.

How can the Missouri River thrive when the creeks that feed it are unprotected? How can we secure our freshwater resources when 80% of our state’s waters are not held to Clean Water Act standards? How can we ensure that our children and grandchildren can enjoy healthy waters in Missouri?


right- all Missouri Streams; right – streams classified under Clean Water Act
graphic courtesy of Mo. Coalition for the Environment

katKat Logan Smith will give us a basic overview of the Clean Water Act, how the law can work to keep fish thriving, restore damaged waters and safeguard our highest quality waters. She’ll review the Missouri Coalition for the Environment petition for full protections for Missouri waters and let us know how we can preserve our water heritage for future generations.

The Missouri Coalition for the Environment works to protect and restore the environment through education, public engagement, and legal action.


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The Big Muddy Speakers Series in St. Charles

is hosted by Missouri River ReliefFriends of Big Muddy, Greenway Network, the Big Muddy National Fish & Wildlife Refuge and the Columbia Fish & Wildlife Conservation Office (USFWS) with the following list of partners. All speakers are presenting for free. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us! This is the first in a series of St. Charles presentations. Help us make it grow!

The Big Muddy Speaker Series also takes place in Rocheport and Kansas City. Click here for the series homepage»

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Missouri River Relief
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