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Published: November 13, 2012

Original Presentation- Nov. 13, 2012 – Big Muddy Speaker Series – Rocheport

“Discover the Katy Trail” – by Hannah Hemmelgarn and Laurel Goodman of Missouri River Communities Network and Missouri River Bluffs Association

During fall 2012, some of the adventurous Americorps members from Missouri River Community Network biked across the state on the Katy Trail, and hosted free workshops, presentations and gatherings at all the great river communities along the way. From beer tastings in Augusta to bike repair workshops in Sedalia, the purpose was to highlight the great resource the trail brings to the communities along it.  They called the expedition “Discover the Katy Trail if it was”. Hannah Hemmelgarn and Laurel Goodman joined us to share photos and stories from their trip, while providing a broader look at the history and importance of the state’s favorite bike ride.

The Katy Trail is a 240-mile excursion across much of the state of Missouri. The route follows the abandoned railroad bed for the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, which gave up service after the 1986 flood. Most of the trail is through the Missouri River floodplain, including stops in many wonderful river towns like Rocheport, Hartsburg and Bluffton and some fantastic views of the river and its towering limestone bluffs. The MRCN “Discover the Katy Trail” crew kept a great blog with photos of their trip along the trail – check it out here.

MRCN Katy crew

The trail is often called the country’s longest and narrowest state park, and it serves bikes and walkers alike. A new equestrian section just opened this year, from Tebbetts to Portland, giving horse riders their first chance to join in the fun. Whether folks use the trail for a little exercise or a state-wide excursion, the Katy Trail is one of the most common ways that people access the Missouri River and its many fun river towns. See the links on the right for more info.

2011 was the 20th anniversary of the trail, and Missouri DNR put together this video to celebrate it. You can see the video at:


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The Big Muddy Speaker Series in Rocheport

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Special thanks to Les Bourgeois Vineyards for giving us the opportunity to use their beautiful space overlooking the Missouri River. All speakers are presenting for free! Thank you all for sharing your knowledge with us! Click here for a list of upcoming presentations» The Big Muddy Speaker Series also takes place monthly in Kansas City and St. Charles.

The Big Muddy Speaker Series is partially funded by the Columbia Ecological Services Field Office (USFWS) and the Mo. Dept. of Conservation.

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