Monitoring Birds on the Missouri River

Published: September 8, 2012

“Monitoring Birds on the Missouri River” – original presentation by Ethan Duke, Assistant Director and co-founder of Missouri River Bird Observatory

September 12, 2012


The Missouri River and its adjacent wetlands are a major corridor for migrating songbirds, raptors and waterfowl. Recognizing the need to monitor and catalogue this massive avian movement, Ethan Duke and Dana Ripper took their collective bird monitoring experience in 2009 and started the Missouri River Bird Observatory. The mission of this bunch of hard working biologists is to contribute to the conservation of Missouri’s migratory and resident birds through scientific research and monitoring, community outreach and education.

Ethan Duke shared stories of their work in the Missouri wilds, his take on the state of our bird populations and the successes of their inspiring program.



Rivermiles FAQs

(from their website)
Why don’t you let Jodi drive more often?
She drives all the time. I just can’t film it because when she drives I wear 8 lifejackets.

Are you dating?

Jodi: He’s too old for me.
Scott: She’s too old for me.

Who restores your vintage boats?
Russ Payzant is the genius behind the boats on the show. Give him a junk boat and he’ll turn it into a masterpiece of comfort and reliability.

Why don’t you come to our town?
Is your town on the river? Is there neat stuff to see? Can you cook? Can we borrow your shower? Email us for a suggestion!

Can we underwrite the show?
Actually, this isn’t a frequently asked question… it’s very rarely asked. But if you’d like to help with the production costs of the show, we’d be very eager to meet with you.

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